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back online. thank you, peter doocy. martha: number of obamacare enrollees is reportedly very low and somewhat a mystery as to how many of them are actually out there. open enrollment started october 1, so little over a full month now. he white house has not released any hard numbers on it. they say it will come in the middle of november. according to documents released by the oversight committee, only six people signed up on day one. the next day it went up to 2.48 people. most of those people who signed up were not paying at all, they were enrolling in medicaid by huge numbers in terms of how out of whack that part of this is. stuart varney joins me now. stuart, these are nowhere near the numbers we heard were needed to make this solvent. stuart: that is precisely right, martha. you need the biggest pool possible with as much money as possible. that is why under obamacare everybody's got to have insurance, they want your money. if young, healthy people don't pay into this system, there's not much money going in. if a lot of older, sicker people go into the system, they're taking
on obamacare's botched rollout. internal memos are showing only six people, six actually signed up on day one of the health care exchange program. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom". >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. the obama administration is not actually denying the information. the health and human services department is down playing released documents. let me quote them. they appear to be notes. do not include enrollments, statistics. we will release enrollment stats on monthly basis after coordinating information from different sources paper, online, call centers, verifying with insurers and collecting data from states. martha: byron york, "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. what do you make about the number six. >> now we know why the administration is secretive about the numbers. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was asked by congress about this she wouldn't give it. we know the number was beyond embarrassing. six people on day one. had a total of 248 by the next day. this has really stunned a lot of people.
of americans would lose their health plans under obamacare this is unfolding by the hour. good morning, this is what we have this hour on "america's newsroom." martha: we have a lot. good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. these numbers are staggering. our own reporting shows that the white house knew 67% of the 14 million people who buy their own insurance can expect a cancellation letter in the mail. nbc news put that is number as high as 80%. that is more than 11 million people, folks, who already either lost their medical insurance or soon will. >> so if the president truly knew this would happen way back when, 2010, that means he continued to make the promises he knew he could not keep under this law, after signing the overall law in march of 2010. stephen hayes, senior writer "weekly standard," fox news contributor. parse this now, steve. your take? >> this is bigpretty big deal. this is confirmation of what many republicans were saying all along. the main promise of the white house's president obama's signature domestic policy that you could keep your
sox players. this scarier. fox news another stunning revelation on the obamacare rollout. pressuring on insurance companies threatening to keep quiet about hundred of thousands health care plans that have been canceled, perhaps millions to go. good morning i'm bill hemmer on this halloween morning. >> that sounds creepier. i'm martha maccallum. president obama changed his tune on one of his most memorable promise. you remember this, when he said if you like your health plan you can keep it. here is the president yesterday. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. that is what it is floor. bill: that easy. jonah goldberg, editor-at-large, nationalreview.online, fox news contributor. good morn to you in washington de. >> good to be here. bill: it is like no one in washington doubts that there is pressure on these companies. what do you mean by that? >> you talk to the people in the industry you hear this kind of things. the simple fact this white house bullied reporters like no white house in modern memory. went after fox news from the beginni
in obamacare, and because the weakness in the economy now means that janet yellen and federal reserve will keep on printing dollars. you have this extraordinary position of obamacare falling to pieces, absolute chaos, yet the stock market opening a little higher, within 100 points of its all-time record high. martha: very interesting. we'll see where it goes. stuart, see you later. bill: we just realized this a moment ago, the front page of healthcare.gov is different. this was the look for three weeks a young woman, smiling face. she has now been replaced screen right with handy icons showing all the different ways you sign up. no word why the change. she is no longer the face of healthcare.gov. martha: saw her every day. you think she didn't want to be on the front anymore? she said, hey guys, i am not sure i want i want i want to bed with this particular website? if you're out there, we like to hear from you. what is your story? come on over. bill: fox news alert on this the white house on damage control again. the president now saying he did not know that the u.s. was secretly spying on doz
then speaker of the house nancy pelosi said this about obamacare. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> now we're finding millions of americans could have their insurance dropped as a result. steve, want to p put you on pause in a moment. when we come back we'll talk about the politics. 10 any hoyer said yesterday the law should have been more precise. you wonder how many more democrats are falling into that way of thinking, but, steve, standby. there is sebelius in the room. martha has more. martha: shaking hand to say hello to everybody as she gets ready to go here. a lot of smiles and friendliness on way in. we'll she as she sits at table. the lead contractor on healthcare.gov, warned her, warned hhs, the holt and human services website was not ready to go. so what under after that is one of the big questions that we expect kathleen sebellius will get. chris stirewalt joins me right now. that is the big issue, what did you know and when did you know it and why didn't you delay? >> there is another overarching questio
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6